Hopkins Vineyard Tri

July 19, 2014 @ 8:00 am
Lake Waramaug
25 Hopkins Road
New Preston,CT 06777
Tom Wilkas

Hopkins Vineyard Sprint Tri

1/2 mile swim in Lake Waramaug, 10 mile bike, 3.1 mi run. A couple of hills on the bike but otherwise a flat and fast rip around Lake Waramaug. The run has hills in the first half then downhill to the finish at the winery.

Additional Information

Hi, if my name is familiar, it’s likely because I’ve been the director of the Pat Griskus Triathlons for the past 13years: www.PatGriskusTri.com I know it’s the natural thing for many to make the comment that I’m bringing back the old Lake Waramaug Tri, but that’s not the case. This is something that has been in the works with the Hopkins family for a number of years now. I did help start the Lake Waramaug Tri version 1.0 back in 2000. Inevitably, there will be some similarities in the race course. The current plan calls for the bike course to be roughly the same as the original. The swim will start in a different spot and part of the run will feature an excursion bringing you into the actual vineyard fields, just to get everyone in the mood for wine and to enjoy the spectacular terrain on which the winery sits. The run will be mostly road, with the short manicured cross country section around the vineyard fields being roughly ¾ of a mile, total. The finish will be at the winery itself, where we’ll be greeted with wine, artisan cheeses, fresh fruit and veggies for starters. There will be more substantial fare too, still to be determined. Post race, It’s basically going to be a little wine festival for all of us triathletes, live acoustic music is planned under the main tent, vendors with tri gear, an overall fun social scene post race is what we’re aiming for. We’ll also have some decent micro-brew beers for the non wine drinkers. We hope that you’ll join us for a morning of racing and an afternoon of fun at the Hopkins Vineyard, register today to reserve your spot! Warm Regards, Tom

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