Bike Fit at Benidorm Bikes • March 19

Tri Bike Fit
presented by Jan Bolland Tanner of Benidorm Bikes
1992 50K Team Time Trial World Champion
Certified Master’s BG FIT Technician
Certified FIST Slowtwitch Tri Fit
US National Cycling Team member from 1988-1997

Jan has performed bike fittings with the Specialized HTC Highroads and Lululemon Professional Cycling Teams as well as National Champions, Lea Davison and Austin Vincent, plus hundreds of other recreational and elite athletes…tri and non tri specific.

Join Jan on March 19th at Benidorm Bikes from 6:30-8PM to learn the benefits of proper bike fit. Jan’s approach to bike fit is very comprehensive beginning with collecting data about the individual rider through an extensive pre-fit assessment. Information learned through the pre-fit assessment is used to optimize the rider’s position on the bike, whether on the tri bike or traditional road bike. Rider constraints (if any are present) are addressed for the individual. The focus of this evening will be to help the rider fully understand their position on a as well as how to choose the right size bike for the rider. It is guaranteed to be an evening of useful information. Jan is committed to helping a rider maximize his/her biomechanic efficiency and comfort while pursuing individual goals!

Please RSVP Jan@BenidormBikes.com, or contact her along with your phone number so she may follow up with you.

Links to get an idea of bike fit with Jan:

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Jan was able to help Katie Colclough get rid of some discomfort in her right leg by taking her through the full BG Fit process.

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