Savin Rock Half Marathon & 5K

One thought on “Savin Rock Half Marathon & 5K

  1. Clint and Shoreline Sharks put on a terrific race today. Perfect weather with over 400 for the 1/2 marathon and 250 for the 5k enjoying one of the best courses in CT. All the issues from the inaugural event last year (registration, late start, etc) were resolved.

    The course was the same one that the Sharks used for the original Tri-club competition where HEAT always had a strong showing. I think we went 1-2-3 the last year they had it. This time around we were outnumbered. Probably over 100 sharks, plus I saw team uniforms from Mossman and TriFitness.

    Scruffy took top honors this year (no Roy K.) and Paul R. had a PR. I also saw Evan Desrochers in the 1/2 race results. Dr C. ran the 5k with a fast time (although the results show the winner won by over 5 minutes.

    I met my goal of not getting hurt like last year and felt good the last few miles. It helped having run this course the last 5 years.

    Here are the results.

    Let’s get a better HEAT turnout next year.

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