HEAT 2016 Race Series

HEAT 2016 Race Series

HEAT Point series 2016 – Sign Up in the HEAT STORE

This is a fun and friendly competitive series for members of HEAT to participate in local events, and a way to get to know your fellow HEATsters!

  • 12 races to choose from.  Must be active HEAT member
  • Must complete a minimum of 4 races
  • Pay $5 at the HEAT store to participate in a minimum of 4 races (see below)
  • Earn points based on your overall placing, or placing in your age group, or bonus points (see below)
  • Awards and recognition will be announced at the HEAT Christmas party in December.
  • Once registered with the HEAT store, and complete a designated race, email your results to Jane Reik at JZee0225@aol.com who will compile and verify all race results. 


  • 10 points for completion of a race
  • 4 points for overall race place of 1st, 2nd or 3rd for both men & women
  • If you are an overall race place finisher (1, 2 or 3), you won’t earn additional points in your age group- “no double dipping”
  • Age group places: 3 points for 1st; 2 points for 2nd; and 1 point for 3rd in your age division
  • Bonus points: 1 additional point for every race completed beyond 4 races
  • Bonus points: 8 points if you complete all 12 races!!

Races in the Point Series: 

  • June 4/5 Rev 3 Olympic or 70.3; Middlebury, CT
  • June 12 Seaside Sprint; Bridgeport, CT
  • July 6 Griskus Sprint; Middlebury, CT
  • July 14 or July 28 Lake T Sprint; Marlborough, CT
  • July 7 or July 21 Cedar Lake Sprint; Chester, CT
  • July 17 Litchfield Hills Olympic; New Hartford, CT
  • August 7 Niantic Sprint; Niantic, CT
  • September 10 Dave Parcells Madison Sprint; Madison, CT
  • September 18 Hammerfest Sprint; Branford, CT