National Challenge Competition – FREE – HEAT members sign up

National Challenge Competition – FREE – HEAT members sign up

It’s that time of year again.  The NCC is coming.  Competition starts Dec 1 and runs until Feb 28.  As usual there are some new rules:

7 day time limit to enter mileage (no more waiting until the end of the month to enter everything)
You can enter your own mileage directly to the NCC race tracker
Cross Country Skiing counts this year (weighted the same as elliptical miles: credited 1 mile for every 3 you do)

For those new to the club or the competition, see the complete set of rules, but here are the basics:

You must be a current HEAT member.  If your membership has expired or you want to be a member go to the JOIN link on the website.

You must have a current USAT membership number

Track all your mileage from workouts (swim, bike, run, elliptical, cross country skiing) beginning December 1 2012 until Feb 28 2013     Enter your numbers on the race tracker website either daily or weekly (you will be given a password)

Those that want to participate this winter send an email to David Dyson at  Please include your Name,  USAT #, and your age (these are needed to enter you onto the competition website).

If you have any questions about the competition just post a message or email me.

Look for group workouts planned during this time period.  I believe Aubrey’s Raffle Run is scheduled for Sunday December 1 at Fleet Feet.

Looking forward to another winter of good training.

Your Winter Inspirator David