National Challenge Competition – FREE – HEAT members sign up

It’s that time of year again.  The NCC is coming.  Competition starts Dec 1 and runs until Feb 28.  As usual there are some new rules:

7 day time limit to enter mileage (no more waiting until the end of the month to enter everything)
You can enter your own mileage directly to the NCC race tracker
Cross Country Skiing counts this year (weighted the same as elliptical miles: credited 1 mile for every 3 you do)

For those new to the club or the competition, see the complete set of rules, but here are the basics:

You must be a current HEAT member.  If your membership has expired or you want to be a member go to the JOIN link on the website.

You must have a current USAT membership number

Track all your mileage from workouts (swim, bike, run, elliptical, cross country skiing) beginning December 1 2012 until Feb 28 2013     Enter your numbers on the race tracker website either daily or weekly (you will be given a password)

Those that want to participate this winter send an email to David Dyson at  Please include your Name,  USAT #, and your age (these are needed to enter you onto the competition website).

If you have any questions about the competition just post a message or email me.

Look for group workouts planned during this time period.  I believe Aubrey’s Raffle Run is scheduled for Sunday December 1 at Fleet Feet.

Looking forward to another winter of good training.

Your Winter Inspirator David

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Dean of the World…

At the Nationals this year, founding HEAT president Dean Bolt qualified for the World Sprint Championships.

When asked if he could provide words of wisdom to HEAT members at all levels, here’s what Dean had to say…

Everyone should try to go to a regional or national caliber race at least once for the experience. Big races have a different feel to them, and the excitement level is really amped up. The level of nerves and butterflies is always higher and it is tough to put in your best performance because of this. My success in Burlington came in my 4th national level competition. My first three were all marked by underperformance due to nerves, so for me it took that long to get to a national race relaxed and ready. This phenomenon also applies to folks who focus on a specific big race such as Placid and end up getting too amped to perform up to expectations. Treating the “big one” as just another race worked this time. Trust your training and taper properly.

After falling while trimming a tree a week before my race, I had no choice but to completely stop any training. Complete inactivity and mostly bed rest felt very tough to me but I had no choice. However, once I got going race day, I realized that I was more rested than I had been in any race I could remember. The lesson learned is that tapering works.

Despite the nerves and underperformances, I loved going to all of the large events and learned from each. The top performers in the country are folks who are just as friendly and approachable as everyone else in the Tri community. Watching the best perform is really a treat. The races are set up so you start with your specific age class and know exactly where you stand, particularly in the case of Duathlon Nationals which start with a run. Having multiple team members at the race in VT was awesome and made it more comfortable and relaxing.

Congratulations, Dean, and best of luck!
Past HEAT President Dean Bolt

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Members Renewing This Month

Welcome back renewing members this month – DECEMBER.  Shirts are in the mail.
Pam Sullivan, Rebecca Doucette, Steven Scott, Lisa Courtemanche, Jodi Polsgrove, Gary Danforth, Kurt Bauer

Members – don’t forget to keep your membership current and continue with all the great HEAT benefits.   Renewal notices will be sent each month but you can renew at any time.  Membership is good for a full 12 months.   Go to the JOIN page for details.

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Amazing Gabe


Founding member and former club VP Gabe had an excellent performance at  Iron Man Mont-Tremblant August 18 with a 10:17 time.

Iron Man Mont Tremblant

Congratulations Gabe!

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Tony and Bill Conquer New York

Ironman US Championship • August 11

Tony and Bill Lombardi with Chris Hains after Iron Man New York

Ironman US Championship

Congrats to President Tony and dad Bill for their excellent performances at the Ironman US Championship!

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Xterra Current Discount – September 2016

Here’s the latest discount from Xterra…

The link will always display the most current offers.

Current Deal:  60% off your order.

Discount code: available on the Members Only page.

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HEAT Team at IM Lake Placid • Sunday July 22

Looks like another good HEAT crowd heading up to LP to race next Sunday.

Here’s the team I found on the list.  Good luck to all!

  • Billy Baker
  • Andy Barton
  • Logan Byrnes
  • Brian Croteau
  • Karl Dauphinais
  • Patty Driesch
  • Jeff Kramer
  • Dan Mastella
  • Dan Petashaick
  • Paul Ryan
  • James Rogowski
  • Ben Towne
  • Dan Venora
  • Amy Viara
  • Roger Thrall
  • Rafael Martinez
  • Ivo Wesseling

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HEAT Members – BIAC Bike Tour – Sat 5/5 – Come support a great cause – Metric Century and 25 mile options

Joe is a veteran runner, biker, triathlete, Heat member, and long time friend to many of us “senior” triathletes.   I recommend everyone take time to view his website –  and see his journey.
Pre-registion for the metric centruy is $75 and $35 for the 25 mile option.  Day of race registration is $10 more.  Here is the registration website –
Please consider joining us in this bike ride on Saturday May 5th in Groton.    Thanks – Vin Darcy – HEAT Membership Director

To benefit BIAC, raising funds to provide critical brain injury prevention and resource services throughout CT. Ride from Eastern Point Beach, Groton, CT to Westerly, RI and enjoy beautiful views of historic lighthouses and scenic country roads. Riders, sponsors, and volunteers needed.  For more details visit , call 860-219-0291 x 309 or email Joy Morse at

From Karen A.
Some background:  The ride is a fundraiser for Brain Injury Association of CT.  My personal involvement with the ride has much to with its founder, Joe Damon.  Joe was an ironman triathlete, runner and cyclist.  I met him about 10 years ago through my husband.  He was a friend who was always patient enough to hang back with me on a group ride or offer advice when I was new to cycling.  A few years later he moved to Italy.  While living there he was in a serious car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  He returned to the states to complete his recovery.  He has recovered enough to ride a bicycle and for the past 3 years has spent months training for this 62 mile ride.

The 62 miles ride begins at Eastern Point beach in Groton CT near the UConn campus and travels out to Westerly RI and back.  There is also a shorter 25 mile ride.  This ride is a good option for someone looking to do their first metric as it is fairly flat.

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HEAT store is open for fall/winter gear – Order in September for delivery in November

HEAT Custom Champion Gear for Spring 2012

Place your order for fall/winter/racing gear. Orders for HEAT Champion Custom Gear may now be placed in the store.

What size do I order?

All garments are based on the jersey and short patterns. Keep in mind that outer layer garments like vests and jackets are designed to be worn over other garments, so when in doubt order a size up. For skinsuits and tri suits, Champion suggests ordering the same size as your shorts. For arm/knee/leg warmers and gloves, order the same size you normally wear.

Men’s Fit

The club cut is a more relaxed, American fit. Don’t be confused – the club cut is not a baggy cycling jersey. It’s still a classic cycling jersey – it’s just not as tight as a race cut. The following is a tip from Champion Systems, “We tell our customers this – if you are not a competitive racer, don’t order the race cut.”

Women’s Fit

Women’s jerseys are only available in one cut. This cut features a slight hourglass shape, in that it is nipped slightly at the waist so that it has a more feminine curve. The women’s jersey also does not have elastic at the waistband. However, some of Champion System’s female customers order a men’s club cut jersey, depending on their style preferences.

What products can I order?

At the HEAT store, you can order men’s and women’s cuts in the following:

  • Bike Jerseys
  • Cycling Shorts
  • Wind Vest
  • Tech Fleece Jacket
  • Winter Jacket
  • Marathon Singlet
  • Running Race Shorts
  • Lycra Arm Warmers
  • Running Cap
  • Tri Tops
  • Tri Shorts
  • HEAT Polo Shirt

What is the deadline for placing an order?

The order will be submitted the end of September.  Gear should arrive in November.

View more details about Champion Custom HEAT gear. If you have any questions feel free to contact Roger, the HEAT Gear Director.

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Janice Represents HEAT

…as she sits atop Cyclone (a.k.a. Buttermilk) in Arizona this past week.

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